About Kaitlin

Kaitlin is the principal consultant of Co-Strategies. Kaitlin Almack facilitates engagement with Treaty #3 First Nations and supports collaborative problem solving. Most recently, Kaitlin has reviewed an environmental-socio-economic assessment on behalf of the Grand Council Treaty #3 and facilitated engagement with 28 First Nations in Treaty #3 Territory. Kaitlin is also involved in developing a co-management framework with Treaty #3 First Nations between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Grand Council Treaty #3.

Kaitlin has experience in social-economic assessment and land use planning in Europe, Asia and North America. Kaitlin has worked on co-management agreements in both Nepal and Cambodia. She works with a diversity of interests pertaining to problems in natural resource management and policy development. In her practice she provides strategic advice, facilitation and evaluation in collaborative decision-making. Her strong technical skills in natural resource management are complemented by her ability to facilitate dialogue. Kaitlin has also worked as a organizational development consultant with ICA Associates Inc. She has a M.Sc. in Sustainability Science and Environmental Studies from Lund University.